Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings is a web conferencing solution that meets a wide variety of collaboration needs. Zoom Meetings is used for collaborating outside of the classroom environment. Examples of use include distance meetings, digital office hours, video calls, and remote interviews. Participants are invited individually by email with a meeting link. View the resources below to learn more.

Maintaining Zoom Privacy

We recommend the following steps to help maintain the privacy of your Zoom meetings:

  • Password protect your meetings.
  • Only enable participant sharing when you have a need for it.
  • Use a waiting room.
  • Lock your meeting room after all students/participants have joined.

View best practices for maintaining Zoom privacy for step-by-step instructions on the above suggestions.

Keep these steps on stopping a Zoombombing handy so that you know what to do in the event that it happens during one of your meetings.

Accessing Zoom

If you've not accessed Zoom previously, begin by visiting https://duq.zoom.us and clicking the Sign in button to log in with your Multipass credentials.

After logging into Zoom for the first time, staff and students can use Zoom to host their own meetings outside of Canvas or join meetings created by others. Faculty can use Zoom both inside and outside of Canvas. View the instructions under Learning to Use Zoom to learn more.

Learn to Use Zoom

To learn how to get started and use all of the Zoom Meetings features, view the resources linked below:

Hosting a Zoom Meeting

Host Tools & Activities

Participating in a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Support

24x7 support is provided by Zoom.

Online Support 
Phone Support: +1.888.799.9666
Video Tutorials