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Classroom Technology Updates

Fall 2017

Canevin Hall:   In preparation for upgrading the technology in the building, the Smartboard in 311 Canevin was replaced with an 80" interactive, flat panel monitor.  Plans are iunderway to replace all the Smartboards and projectors with new interactive, touchscreen monitors.

Rockwell Classrooms:  99% of the Registrar classrooms in Rockwell Hall were outfitted with digital equipment and can now accommodate any HDMI device.  An HDMI connection is accessible on the Extron panel on the front of the AV rack.  HDMI cables are needed for connection.

Summer 2017

New Adjustable Height Podiums:  Eleven classrooms throughout campus received adjustable height podiums, replacing the overly large, square units that were in existance for over 10 years. These models improve the line-of-sight for both students and instructors, provide the same university standard classroom control system, and have the ability to raise or lower with the push of a button.

Upgraded Lecture Halls:  Upgraded AV systems in 104 and 105 College Hall now provide the ability to connect digital devices to the room's projection system.  New, writeable monitors allow annotation on the computer screen with easy-to-use interactive software.  105 College received an entire room renovation including new student seating (with power connections at each seat) and an updated, inviting look.

FlexTech News:  308 Rockwell received a control system upgrade so it now provides the same functionality as the seven other FlexTech classrooms.  With the addition of ClickShare into 308, quad-screen sharing of student pod information is now available.  Wireless connectivity is available in the FlexTechs through any of three apps:  ClickShare, MirrorOp and Reflector.  For more info on how to connectc your wireless devices, visit the Teaching Strategies page under our FlexTech Classroom link.  FlexTech classrooms are 442, 600 and 721 Fisher, 551 College, 309 and 310 Canevin, 408 Gumberg and 308 Rockwell.

GoToMeeting Space:   715 Fisher Hall is available as a meeting place for GoToMeeting sessions.  The room is equipped with ceiling mounted microphones, a computer and webcam that makes running a GTM session very simple.  The room accommodates 30 people.  Contact the OCT if you are interested in reserving the space.

Classroom Computers:  Classroom and lecture hall computers have been migrated to Multipass Enabled (MPE) logins.  The computers no longer automatically boot to the desktop.  All users must LOG ON to each computer using their Multipass credentials and LOG OFF when finished.  For ease of use, a LOG OFF icon exists on the desktop.  The purpose of MPE logins is to provide a more secure computing environment across campus.

Transparency Overheads:  Say Good Bye to old technology - overhead transparency machines no longer exist in Registrar classrooms.  Document cameras provide a similar functionality in a digital format and are available for loan from the OCT.