Classroom Updates & Improvements

August 2021 

 All Registrar controlled classrooms STILL have webcams and array microphones that were put in place for last year's Hyflex teaching. In addition, large secondary monitors are installed in 74% of Registrar controlled classrooms. (Not included are large lecture halls, Flextech classrooms and smaller, seminar type spaces). The large monitors, used in conjunction with the podium computer, permit the use of "extended desktop mode." Extended desktop permits two monitors to be used as one screen and provides the ability to move applications from one monitor to the other.

The original concept provided ease of use in moving the Zoom gallery off the main classroom screen to the secondary monitor. Because of the two monitors, special instructions for properly displaying PowerPoint are located in each room on both the computer monitor and on the HyFlex Instruction sheet.

Additional classroom upgrades include:

COLLEGE HALL: Large monitors are mounted in all classrooms with a capacity above 16. All classrooms (floors 2 through 6) have moveable student furniture. The concept of controlled chaos proliferates - configure the room to suit your teaching style.

CANEVIN HALL: Large monitors are installed in all classrooms with the exception of the two FlexTech rooms. Most rooms contain two monitors on the AV rack for ease of use with extended desktop mode.

FISHER HALL: Large monitors are installed in all regular classrooms with the exception of the FlexTech rooms and rooms with a capacity less than 20.  Classrooms 324 and 325 have a variety of new furniture ranging from soft seating with laptop tables to café height tables. Light filtering roller shades replaced vertical blinds in all classrooms.

ROCKWELL HALL: Large monitors are mounted in all Registrar rooms except the FlexTech classroom. Most third floor and all fifth floor classrooms have height adjustable instructor's podiums. Tiered seating now exists in all 5th floor classrooms.



Important Note:

Lecture recordings may still be done through Zoom. The recording will need to be set up through the Zoom App ( - NOT Blackboard. When in the classroom, use Zoom from the resident computer for access to the webcam and array microphone. By using the Zoom app, the recording link will NOT be visible in Blackboard.

Coming Soon! Zoom to My Mediasite integration. When configuring a class recording through the Zoom app (NOT Blackboard), simply check the box titled "Save to My Mediasite."  The recording will automatically be uploaded into the user's My Mediasite account. Further instructions will be forthcoming.