442 Fisher Hall

FlexTech Classrooms

Designed for active learning, FlexTech classrooms provide a unique environment for group learning and collaborative activities. Each room is designed with several student pods. A pod seats anywhere up to six students and has its own resident computer connected to a wall mounted flat panel monitor along with connections for two additional devices (HDMI and VGA) , USB charging stations and the ability to share digital content throughout the room. All rooms (except 308 Rockwell) have writeable glass top tables. In addition to a standard instructor's station, a large main display (projector or LCD monitor) completes the room.  View the instructions to understand the operation of the room.

Interested in FlexTech training? ......  Contact the Office of Classroom Technologies, x4614

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442 Fisher
600 Fisher
721 Fisher
551 College
309 Canevin
310 Canevin
308 Rockwell
408 Gumberg
605 Libermann