Request a FlexTech Classroom

Requests for FlexTech classrooms are handled during the development of the Schedule of Classes each term by the Registrar's Office.  Please notify the department chair or administrative assistant who is responsible for overseeing your departmental class schedules of the FlexTech request as soon as possible.  Requests are to be indicated on the Class Schedule proofs with the specific heading "FlexTech" space.  Requests are not guaranteed. 

To use a FlexTech classroom periodically, contact your administrative assistant to search 25Live for room availability as all FlexTechs usually have open time slots.  You may simply search for "FlexTech" or by room:  309 Canevin, 310 Canevin, 551 College, 442 Fisher, 600 Fisher, 721 Fisher, 308 Rockwell, 605 Libermann or 408 Gumberg. 

Fisher 600 FlexTech classroom