HyFlex Classrooms

Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) classrooms are designed to accommodate the simultaneous teaching of in-person students and online learners.  The concept originated to provide students the flexibility to choose how they would attend classes depending upon their preference or particular need.  In this Covid world, HyFlex is becoming the norm for delivering instruction while following social distancing guidelines.

Duquesne HyFlex classrooms are designed to use the room's existing AV equipment in conjunction with Zoom and a portable webcam.  The operation of the classroom is simple:  log into the classroom computer, access course content, open a scheduled Zoom session, and position the webcam.  A long extension cable on the webcam permits flexibility in positioning the unit.  It may be aimed at the front of the room for the remote students to see the instructor, at the whiteboard to view annotations, or at the in-person students for class discussions.  Once the webcam position is set, content can be shared through Zoom.  Larger classrooms will have a dual monitor setup, enabled for extended desktop.  This will provide the ability to flip the Zoom grid of the online learners to the second monitor (a 75" flat panel) and use the classroom video screen solely for course content. 

SOCIAL DISTANCING:  Following CDC guidelines, classroom occupancies have been reduced to 40% of previous capacities and lecture halls have been reduced to 20%. Occupancy signs will be displayed in each space. Please advise students on proper social distancing in all classrooms - space them out within the room, and depending on the space, do not populate the first row to provide a larger barrier between you and your students.

REGISTRAR HyFlex Room Descriptions & De-Densified Capacities

VIDEO:  DU HyFlex Classroom

---------- 7/15/20 UPDATE ----------

Updates have been made to the Registrar HyFlex Room Description & De-Densified Capacities document listed above.  All changes are marked in RED.

---------- 7/6/20 UPDATE ----------

Ideas for who attends your class in person and online?  HyFlex Classroom Attendance Considerations

---------- 7/1/20 UPDATE ----------

HyFlex Open House:  Hands-On Experience

Interested in test driving a HyFlex Classroom? Beginning July 6, Canevin Hall classrooms will be accessible to instructors for hands-on exploration. Feel free to bring content to simulate a teaching session.  In order to adhere to social distancing rules, reservations will be needed.  Reservations will be available "on the hour," between the 9:00AM and 4:00PM.  Email OCT@duq to request an appointment and include the desired day and time.  Also, please check the Registrar Room Description document listed above.  If you will be teaching in a room with a large flat panel, please include that information as well so you can be placed in a similar classroom environment. 

Looking to outfit a departmental room with HyFlex capabilities? 

Review the recommended HyFlex Classroom Equipment list.  

Let's Talk HyFlex:  Zoom Q&A Sessions

Learn more about HyFlex teaching.  Need answers to HyFlex pedagogy or associated technology questions? Feel free to attend any of the following Q&A Zoom sessions. Representatives from the OCT, CTE, Ed Tech and OL&S will be on hand to guide you through this new concept of course delivery.

Day Date Time
Tuesday July 14 1:00 PM
Wednesday July 15 9:30 AM
Wednesday July 22 2:00 PM
Thursday July 23 1:00 PM
Tuesday July 28 9:30 AM
Wednesday July 29 10:00 AM
Zoom ID: 717-739-1386
Password: 325523

Notes:   information about the lecture halls in Bayer, College and Mellon Halls will be available later in July.

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