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The majority of Registrar classrooms are configured with large, secondary computer monitors and operate in extended desktop mode.  The secondary monitors are to be used to display the Zoom gallery.  Indepth instructions for moving the Zoom gallery window to the secondary monitor can be found in the PowerPoint below.  The PDF document is available in each classroom and contains bulletted instructions along with directions to properly display PowerPoint slides.  

HyFlex Teaching Using a Secondary Monitor (PPT)

Classroom Instructions - Secondary Monitor (PDF)

The following rooms do NOT offer a secondary monitor.  HyFlex teaching can still be accomplished using the webcam and microphone installed in each space.  The Zoom gallery will display as a filmstrip on the projected image.

Lecture Halls:  Pappert, Wolfe, Maurice, Laura, College 104 & 105 

FlexTech Classrooms:  Canevin 309 & 310, College 551, Fisher 442, 600, 721, Libermann 605, Rockwell 308

Low capacity classrooms:  College 640, 642, Fisher 704, 705, 706, 707, 723, Libermann 603

HyFlex Teaching Using a Single Monitor (PPT)

Classroom Instructions - Single Monitor (PDF)


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Zoom Tips for In-Class Student Work

Teaching Strategies for HyFlex Student Involvement

Breakout Rooms & Discussion Protocols

HyFlex Approach Customizable Lesson Template

HyFlex Curated Resources

HyFlex Approach - Tips for STUDENTS 

HyFlex Classroom Attendance Considerations

Syllabus Points of Inclusion

HyFlex Assessment Information

Zoom support and documentation