SCANTRON: Exam Scoring

The Office of Classroom Technologies is responsible for scoring Scantron exams.  For more information on completeing the red or blue forms, available analytical reports and ordering information, click SCANTRON.

MEDIASITE LIVE:  Video Streaming of Instructional Content

The OCT employs the use of Mediasite Live, a technology that enables the recording of a lecture or presentation by capturing the audio, video and digital images of the classroom experience. This technology is meant to be used for academic recording. 

To learn more about Mediasite or to SUBMIT A RESERVATION, click MEDIASITE LIVE.

MY MEDIASITE: Lecture Recording, the Easy Way

MyMediasite is a video platform that allows one to easily record and add video content to courses.  It also offers the ability to record live lectures (audio and computer) in any classroom with a computer.  For more information click MY MEDIASITE.


The OCT provides assistance with multimedia projects associated with teaching and learning.