SCANTRON: Exam Scoring

The Office of Classroom Technologies is responsible for scoring Scantron exams.  For more information on completeing the red or blue forms, available analytical reports and ordering information, click SCANTRON.

MY MEDIASITE: Lecture Recording, the Easy Way

My Mediasite is a desktop recording platform that allows users to easily capture, publish and upload videos directly from their own computer into their course content.  It involved two components:  a My Mediasite account and the My Mediasite desktop recorder.  A user can create or capture videos with the desktop recorder, after which the videos are stored in the user's My Mediasite account. 

My Mediasite may also be used to record live lectures (audio and computer) in any classroom with a computer.  For more information click MY MEDIASITE.


Online Learning & Strategy has two recording studios for faculty use. The Small Studio is equipped with a green screen and teleprompter functionality. The Lightboard Room provides a creative way to record lectures. Learn more about Faculty Recording Options.


The OCT provides assistance with multimedia projects associated with teaching and learning.  LEARN MORE.


The success of YouTube Live and Zoom has led to a decision that Mediasite will no longer be used for streaming events.   Contact Conference & Events Services at to discuss your streaming event needs or click Virtual Events for more information.