My Mediasite


MyMediasite, an extension of the university's existing streaming video service, is a video platform that allows you to easily record and add video content to courses from your office or home computer. MyMediasite's Desktop Recorder allows for three different uses:

1. By using the Desktop Recorder, you can quickly record and publish lectures from any computer that has access to the internet. These recordings can include any combination of these three options of content:  1) content on your computer screen such as PowerPoint, the internet, or any specialized software you may use, 2) audio from a microphone, and 3) video from a webcam.

2. Using the Desktop Recorder you can record live class lectures for your students to review. This can be accomplished in any classroom that has a computer. The Office of Classroom Technologies (211 Canevin) has wireless USB microphones for loan to allow you to teach and record your class without being tethered to the podium.

3. MyMediasite permits the inclusion of quizzes throughout your recording. 

3. Finally, MyMediasite has the ability to easily upload video from almost any device such as a digital camcorder, your smartphone, or tablet and integrate it into your course.

Links to your videos can be inserted into Blackboard for student access. A benefit of using MyMediasite is that you can reuse the links in multiple or recurring courses without the need to upload the same videos multiple times. Also, the robust streaming capabilities of MyMediasite, along with a consistent viewing experience, can make navigating your videos user friendly. Reporting options are also available that allow you to gather statistics on how your students are watching the video content.

Please explore the following links: 

Getting Started with MyMediasite
MyMediasite Faculty User Guide

Contact Ed Tech (396-5625 or for more in depth information about MyMediasite.