Community Writing Center

The Community Writing Center takes the University Writing Center beyond campus into the surrounding community.


The Duquesne University Community Writing Center provides after-school writing education for underserved youth and their families in the Hill District as well as support to secondary school writing centers in the greater Pittsburgh region. The Center's mission is to improve literacy acquisition and development through creative programming that makes confident and enthusiastic writers.

Launched in fall 2020, the Duquesne University Writing Center's Community Writing Center (CWC) offers writing instruction and creative writing workshops for children and their families in the Pittsburgh community. Building upon the mission of the University's on-campus Writing Center, the CWC seeks to develop the writing skills of community members through providing assistance with schoolwork, professional applications, résumés, web sites, presentations and other creative endeavors. 


Fall 2020 Work

In Fall 2020, five staff members worked with ACH Clear Pathways' Smile cohort, students age 5-8 years old on their ELA (English Language Arts) schoolwork; "All about Me" creative writing books for ACH Clear Pathways' fall showcase; and other literacy activities, including spoken word poetry and rap.

Image of ACH Clear Pathways' Smile cohort work.         Image of ACH Clear Pathways' Smile cohort work.

Spring 2021 Work

In Spring 2021, CWC staff members worked with ACH Clear Pathways students 9-12 years old on their ELA (English Language Arts) schoolwork and other literacy games and activities, including poetry writing, narrative writing, and multimodal storytelling. Work with Peters Township Middle School Writing Center coaches entailed mentoring them to work as tutors at their own writing center through roleplaying and scenario responses. CWC staff members also conducted consulting sessions with the Peters Township students on their own writing to demonstrate best practices for writing center work.

Image of ACH student from Spring 2021            Image of ACH student on Zoom call from Spring 2021

Photos are courtesy of Takara Canty, Taylor Waits, and Megan Williams.