Tips for Teachers

Incorporate multiple drafts into assignments

This discourages procrastination and helps prevent plagiarism.

Provide an assignment sheet

Outline your expectations for the assignment.  

Spread the word

  • Include a description on your syllabus.
  • Mention the Writing Center in class. 
  • Distribute our bookmarks or brochures
  • Schedule a classroom visit from the Writing Center.

Contact the Director, Dr. Jim Purdy, for materials to distribute or to schedule a visit.

Encourage but do not require students to visit

  • We cannot guarantee that all students can get an appointment prior to an assignment deadline.
  • Students required to come are less willing to participate.

Please ask us about the many other ways we can assist you. For instance, you might offer students extra credit for visiting the Writing Center at any point throughout the semester. We also offer instructional presentations (e.g., on citation, source integration) on request.