Why Come Here

How the Writing Center Helps You Become a Better Writer

Writing Confidence 

"[The Writing Center has helped me] to feel more confident in my writing and to get good advice on how to make my papers flow better."

"The writing center is a low pressure environment which makes me more comfortable to critically look at my writing. The peer tutors there have a great understanding of writing and have given me advice on areas of improvement."


"Sometimes I struggle to get all of my ideas together and outlined properly for writing longer length papers. This is a great resource that also helps me stay motivated to complete paper and write to the best of my ability."

"The writing center has helped me become a better writer by making deadlines for myself and constantly editing and changing pieces around."

Technical Skills

"The writing center helps me organize and brainstorm so that my writing is stronger than it would be if I was the only person looking at it."

"The writing center has helped me with my grammar in formal essays and trying to provide more examples that support my main thesis."

"The writing center has helped me with my APA formatting, and has helped me with making ideas more concise."

"The Writing Center has helped me understand prompts better."

"I have learned skills to write properly to avoid plagiarism."

"[The Writing Center] helped me understand the passive and active voice."

"The people I have worked with have made me more confident in my writing abilities and have shown me various brainstorming and proofreading tactics that I continue to use throughout my academic career."

"Second Look" At Writing

"I like having another set of eyes to look over my paper and give me a fresh perspective on it."

"I mainly attend the writing center so I can get a second[,] no bias look at my papers."

"I appreciate the advice and think it can be helpful to bounce ideas off of other people."

"I love getting feedback from my peers, its like we are a team."

Why Students visit the Writing Center

Comfortable Environment

"The instructor was very kind and helpful in trying to get my ideas out of my head and on paper."

"It helps me to improve my writing. I also feel more comfortable handing in a paper that has had another set of eyes who have looked at it. I love that it is peer review as it is lower pressure situation than meeting with the professor."

"Helps me understand the assignments better and makes me actually enjoy writing."


"Because I value collaborative writing and like having writing center appointments set to motivate me to achieve deadlines in my writing process."

"I really liked how easy it was to come with my partial paper and bounce ideas around to help myself think."

Writing Expertise

"When I don't know where to start in editing a paper, the Writing Center helps me figure out how to tackle it."

"I visit the writing center because I know that each time I do, my writing is significantly improved. I learn tools and approaches that I can use in the future for all of my writing."

Help for All Writers

"I was a freshman and needed help on my first college paper."

"I am an older student that has been out of school for a very long time....I continue to
work on my writing and need the help."

"As an international student, I need writing specialists to help me to correct grammar and organize ideas."

"To make sure my writing is the best it can be before turning in an assignment."

Most Beneficial Aspects of a Writing Center Consultation

Session Methodology

"I thought the most beneficial part of my session was having the consultant take me paragraph by paragraph through my paper, and having me read each paragraph out loud before we reviewed it."

"Being able to hear my paper aloud whether it's me, the writer or the writing center personnel reading it. Also the staff is so friendly and supportive."

Developing Effective Written Communication

"Having a second opinion about my writing to ensure my ideas were clear and communicated effectively."

"Every time I've been there they have steered me in the right direction and have helped me make my papers more concise."

"The visit helped me to get my paper more organized."

"I was able to make grammar and syntax much more refined to make for an overall better paper."

Non-Judgmental Consultations

""[The consultant] was very understanding and helped me understand what was confusing me."

"Tutors are working to help without judgment."

Multiple Formats

"Talking to someone face to face about what ideas I had helped me pick out the most important for my paper."

"The session is offered in an online format which is so helpful for me, since I am an online graduate student."

Success Stories

Undergraduate Students

"I am taking an independent study course and for it, I am required to complete 2 critical reviews per week on articles provided by my professor. I sat down to complete the very first review when I realized I had no idea what a critical review was or how to even start one. I was going to make an attempt but then remembered there is a Writing Center in College Hall and that it would be better to seek help with my assignment than try and not get it right. I made an account and an appointment online, which was very easy to do, and when I went, everyone there was very helpful. They helped find books for me that would describe how to write a critical review and they were very interested in helping me, giving me their full attention.

When I left my appointment at the Writing Center, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I had an overall great experience and definitely plan on utilizing the Writing Center again when the time comes."

-Gina Prioletti, undergraduate student, Rangos School of Health Sciences

"The writing center really helped me to grasp the key concepts in my papers that I was missing. They really took time to help me further enhance my writings to that of a better student."

-Evan George, undergraduate student, A. J. Palumbo School of Business Administration

"I felt that the writing center was very helpful with my paper that I brought to them. It was a casual atmosphere in the room, and the woman who helped me [...] explained her opinions to try to mesh with my thoughts about the paper's content. She also gave me advice on how to avoid run-ons. Overall the writing center is a great place to fix any problems that a student may be struggling with when dealing with papers."

-Ava Babcock, undergraduate student, School of Nursing

Graduate Students

"As a graduate student pursuing a dual masters program in both the Business and Liberal Arts schools, I quickly discovered that I had many papers to write. Although I have been published several times as part of my professional career, writing for academia is much more stringent. It has been 13 years since I was last in school and I was afraid that my academic writing skills had waned. I was very thankful to learn that Duquesne had a writing center that was free for students to help them hone their writing skills.

The staff at the Writing Center has helped me to improve my writing through offering suggestions on grammar, word usage, paragraph transitions and flow. I even attended a workshop on how to write a strong title and thesis statement, things not often required of the PowerPoint presentations I wrote during my career. Additionally, they have helped me to sort out the differences between writing styles such as MLA and APA which are requirements for each paper that I write, depending on the school, class and professor.

I highly recommend the Duquesne Writing Center even for those who can write well and those who use software programs that catch most spelling and grammatical errors. Furthermore, it never hurts to have an unbiased opinion, or simply, fresh eyes read through your paper."

-Tanya Griffey, graduate student, John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business and McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts