The Business of Difference Making

We prepare students so they can make a profound difference in their careers and in the world. To accomplish that, we constantly strive to ensure that our programs, our environment and our culture enable and support the work we do in difference making.


Provide Transformative Education in a Spiritan Tradition.

We develop ethical business professionals who understand the global marketplace and serve others by leading with integrity to transform their communities, organizations, and society. Toward this end, we engage our students, alumni, and business partners with passionate faculty members who create impactful scholarship and innovative educational experiences that connect theory to practice.


Be a Premier Business School with Distinctive Excellence.

We aspire to be recognized as a global leader in business education for impactful scholarship and engaging, distinctive programs and experiences that transform students' lives in a Catholic, Spiritan tradition and provide innovative solutions for communities, organizations, and the world.

Our Values

Principles that Drive Us Forward.

  • Respect for the world
    Our business perspective is shaped by the Spiritan emphasis on respect for the world and the pursuit of good environmental stewardship and social justice in doing so. That perspective also recognizes the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and includes our commitment to creating an inclusive culture of respect, fairness and equality.

  • Ethics and integrity
    Ethics and integrity are essential characteristics of high-performing organizations over the long term. We want our faculty, staff and students to be guided by the highest principles of honesty, fairness, accountability, transparency, and moral courage.

  • Student-centered
    Everything we do is about putting students first. We have a relentless focus on giving students high quality learning and developmental opportunities that shape their ability to make a difference. Put simply, we are in the business of difference making for students.

  • Scholarship that matters
    We embrace impactful scholarship whether it involves discipline-based research that creates new knowledge, applied research that shapes business practice, or pedagogical research that helps improve teaching effectiveness.

  • Practical wisdom
    Business education is no longer just about knowledge acquisition. Instead, students need transformational experiences that show employers and others what they can do with knowledge. Instilling practical wisdom is what helps turn students into difference makers.

  • Change and innovation
    Business today is rapidly changing and our competitors aren't standing still. We embrace change and monitor trends in business education to measure ourselves against external benchmarks as well as by who our students become with the aim of creating innovative programs.

  • Collaborative boundary-spanning
    Our students need to understand and embrace cultural differences since today's business environment is increasingly and unmistakably global. Indeed, today's work world is filled with cross-functional teams and fluid boundaries across disciplines, organizations, communities, and cultures.