Graduate and Executive Programs Advisory Council

The mission of the Graduate and Executive Programs Advisory Council (GEPAC) is to share ideas and make recommendations on the future growth and development of the School's graduate programs and executive education offerings.

Key objectives and areas of focus for the council will adjust to and shift according to the school's strategic plan, key industry priorities as well as environmental factors and major trends and developments. Generally, the council will focus on the following objectives:

  1. Assist in building the reputation of the School's graduate and executive education offerings as world-class business programs that inspire and champion responsible management education and thought leadership.
  2. Provide advice, expertise and support student recruiting efforts by making connections in the corporate community and interacting with candidates as they evaluate their graduate studies.
  3. Offer advice, guidance, and assistance in placing students in internship opportunities, graduates in career positions, and other learning or practical work experiences.
  4. Provide strategic feedback on new programming opportunities as well as the relevance of the School's existing graduate programs and executive education offerings with regard to the needs of the business community and organizations of the future.
  5. Help enrich students' educational experience by participating in and facilitating connections between the business community and faculty (e.g., identifying executives who can assist faculty in curricular and co-curricular activities in the graduate programs).
  6. Provide assistance and advice in acquiring resources in the business community that serve to support the mission and objectives of the graduate programs.