Institute for Ethics in Business


Thanks to the Beard Faculty Resource Fund in Business Ethics, the Institute for Ethics in Business at Duquesne University has launched an annual book series, entitled Business and Society 360, sponsored by the International Association for Business and Society (IABS). Each volume is a combination of invited and submitted chapters from top scholars around the world, providing an overview of past work and highlighting cutting-edge research on selected topics related to business ethics.

Co-editors for the series are Dr. David Wasieleski, Chair of the Management and Marketing Department and Associate Professor of Management, and Dr. James Weber, Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics in Business and Professor of Management. Volume 1 in the series explores stakeholder management.

Business and Society 360 Volume 1: Stakeholder Management—Contents

Forward "Introduction to the BAS 360 Book Series" by Jim Weber and David Wasieleski
Chapter 1 "Stakeholder Theory: State of the Field" by Ed Freeman
(University of Virginia)
Chapter 2 "Stakeholder Classification" by Samantha Miles
(Oxford Brookes University)
Chapter 3 "Prioritization and Salience" by Ron Mitchell (Texas Tech)
& Brad Agle (Brigham Young)
Chapter 4 "Stakeholder Network Theory" by Tim Rowley
(University of Toronto)
Chapter 5 "Stakeholder Action and Reaction" by Sefa Hayibor
(Carleton University, Ottawa)
Chapter 6 "Stakeholder and Strategy" by Andy Wicks (University
of Virginia) and Jeff Harrison (University of Richmond)
Chapter 7 "Normative Stakeholder Theory" by Abe Zakhem
(Seton Hall University)
Chapter 8 "Value Creation Theory" by Duane Windsor (Rice University)
Chapter 9 "Challenging Stakeholder Salience" by Sofiane Baba
(HEC, Montreal)
Chapter 10 "Regarding Marginal Stakeholders" by Kevin Gibson
(Marquette University)
Chapter 11 "Relationship Management & Effective Communication"
by Kirti Rajhans (NICMAR, India)