Investment Center

The Palumbo Donahue School of Business Investment Center introduces students to a wide variety of technologies that are used by investment professionals around the world. Having real-time access to worldwide stock, bond, commodity, futures, currency and options data, students and faculty conduct a variety of analytical projects and research. Coursework assignments leverage the investment center extensively, and many courses meet in the center for on-site, personal instruction.

Program Director Jennifer Milcarek in the Investment Center

Students are first introduced to the Investment Center in their freshman year, and are encouraged to use the resources of the Center through a variety of courses. Among the resources in the center are Bloomberg®, Reuters®, Morningstar®, Ibbotson®, Compustat®, CSI® and KLD® databases. Beyond the broad exposure offered through coursework assignments, student-members of the Duquesne Asset Management Group (DAMG) and Red & Blue Advisors, LLC use Investment Center resources in investment decision-making. Students may also, via independent study, earn Bloomberg Equity and Fixed Income Certification.

The Investment Center is conveniently located in Rockwell Hall and operates on extended hours to provide students generous access to this resource. Using the Investment Center, students save time on the data collection process and are able to re-invest that time in more productive analytical work. All of the databases in the Investment Center interface with Excel® to support quick downloading and efficient spreadsheet development. Staff, including a professional manager of the Center, is always available to assist students and extensive documentation is available for reference.