Sophisticated Technology that Prepares Students to Enter the Investment Profession

The Duquesne University Investment Center operates under a continuously updated technology and operational infrastructure.

At the Center, you will find:

  • Twenty computers equipped with traditional software applications as well as custom software by BridgeStation, an industry leader in trading room technology. Through this software, students have access to real-time data on worldwide stock, bond, futures, options and currency markets.
  • Databases supplied by Bloomberg®, Reuters®, Morningstar®, WRDS®, Ibbotson®, Compustat®, CSI® and KLD®, each of which provides extensive historical data and current information to support investment research.
  • Video display technology that allows instructors to demonstrate applications and capture data while students observe and learn the processes.
  • A dedicated staff, including a full time professional manager to assist students in using the technology.
  • A tickertape display of stock prices listing real-time transactions.
  • Flat screen monitors that broadcast financial news reports throughout the day.
  • International time zone displays for London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.

An operating schedule that was established based upon student feedback and makes the Center available at least sixty-four hours per week for student access.