Technology Recommendations


It is recommended that students have a laptop to use for course-related activities. If a new computer is being purchased, the more
cost-effective route will most likely be a Windows-based laptop. However, a Windows-based or Mac-based laptop will both be
suitable as long as the specifications below are followed. The ability to run Windows 10 is recommended as software packages that run only on Windows are used in the curriculum, and Windows is used predominantly by professionals in industry.

Primary Option - Laptop with Windows 10 Operating System
Minimum Laptop Specifications
• Intel Core i5 Dual Core 2.3 GHz processor or comparable
• 256 GB hard drive
• Windows 10

Secondary Option - Laptop with Macintosh Operating System and Windows 10
Minimum Laptop Specifications
• Intel Core i5 Dual Core 2.3 GHz processor or comparable
• 256 GB hard drive
• Mac OS Sierra
• Virtualization software (e.g., Boot Camp) with Windows 10

If an Apple computer is being used, it is recommended that Boot Camp is set up to run Windows 10 prior to the start of
classes. Assistance is available through the Duquesne Computer Store and the CTS Helpdesk

Microsoft Office
Including Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word

After students receive their University login information (commonly referred to as Multipass), they will be able to download
and install Microsoft Office for free via their Office 365 subscription. Each student has an Office 365 subscription as long as
they are enrolled in classes (and 12 months after). With this subscription, the current version of Office can be installed on a
desktop computer or laptop up to 10 times. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. Office for mobile devices is also
available and can be downloaded an unlimited number of times. For step-by-step instructions for downloading Office, see The Multipass is required to download and install.
Some courses in the School of Business will utilize additional software. This software is available in the School of Business
labs for student use. Most of the software is also available for free download through the School's Microsoft Academic
Alliance. See the instructor of the course for details.

Recommended Accessories:
Flash Drives
Several flash drives (at least 2GB) should be purchased for backing up and transferring files.