Accounting Advisory Council

The major tenants of the Accounting Advisory Council's Strategic Plan include:

  • Establish Duquesne as a Destination
  • Build a Premier Accounting Program
  • Develop Highly Motivated Professionals
  • Graduate Students with Exceptional Character and Outstanding Leadership Skills

Mentor Program

The Accounting Advisory Council in conjunction with the accounting faculty established a mentoring program which matches current students with accounting professions in order to help the student better develop as professionals

If you are a student interested in this program please contact:

Valerie Trott Williams, CPA, MBA, CIA, CHFP, CFE, CFF
Assistant Professor of Accounting

If you are a professional interested in being a mentor please contact:

Thomas F. Garbe
Executive Committee Chairman, Accounting Advisory Board

Council Members

External Members

  • Glenn Breisinger
    Associated Partners
  • Dennis Cronin
    Highmark Life and Casualty Group
  • Daniel Desko
    Schneider Downs
  • Gennaro DiBello, B'85
    Schneider Downs
  • Jeffrey Ford
    Grossman Yanak & Ford LLP
  • Thomas Garbe
    PNC Financial Services Group
  • Michael Haver
    Ernst & Young LLP
  • John "JJ" Matthews
    The PNC Financial Group
  • Erik OKunewick
    Our CFO Advisor LLC
  • Jeffrey M. Salvatore
  • Enzo Santilli
    Grant Thornton LLP
  • Glenn Todd
  • Andrew Wachter
    Peoples Natural Gas
  • Stephen Whisdosh
    PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
  • Tiffany Willis, B'01

Palumbo Donahue School Members

  • Robert Kollar, MMA, CPA, CGMA
    Assistant Professor of Practice, Accounting
  • Congcong Li, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Kathryn Marley, Ph.D.
    Chair of Accounting, Information Systems Management and Supply Chain Management 
    Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
  • Dean B. McFarlin, Ph.D.
    Dean and Professor of Management
  • Bryan Menk
    Assistant Professor
  • Brian Nagle, Ph.D.
    Director, Master of Accountancy Program
    Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Stephen Rau, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of  Accounting
  • Seleshi Sisaye, Ph.D
    Professor of Accounting
  • William Spangler, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs & Research
    Professor of Information Systems Management
  • Valerie Williams, CPA, MBA, CHFP, CIA, CFE, CFF, PmP 
    Assistant Professor of Practice, Accounting
  • Amy Yurko, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Accounting