Investment Research

Access to the Global Gold Standard for Business Research

Faculty and students in the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business have access to one of the most powerful resources available for conducting and managing business research. Thanks to support from the PNC Foundation and a distinguished alumnus, the School subscribes to the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), a premier internet based data research service from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to WRDS, the School has access to CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices) and Compustat, the top-rated databases for financial research on the U.S. market.

Beyond instructional support, the Duquesne University Investment Strategy Institute is used to perform analysis that supports investment decision making. As an educational institution, Duquesne University operates two different investment funds, the Duquesne Micro-Cap Fund (DMCF) and the Duquesne Asset Management Group (DAMG), whose primary objective is educational enrichment of participant students. Faculty also perform research based upon quantitative modeling that results in "buy lists" that are open for public consideration.

Professor Vashista Bhaskar has developed four lists of stocks that have passed sophisticated quantitative screens, suggesting that they are candidates to outperform index benchmarks. These lists include stocks that are classified as Large Cap Value, Large Cap Growth, Small Cap Value and Small Cap Growth. The lists are released annually in January and performance information is updated monthly.

Benchmark Index
Russell 1000®
Benchmark Index
Russell 2000®
Large Cap Value Small Cap Value
Large Cap Growth Small Cap Growth

Note: These are not recommendations to buy or sell and should not be taken as such without talking to your financial advisor. Professor Bhaskar and DAMG have or may hold any or all of the securities that are on the above lists and may sell or trade them at anytime.

The Duquesne University Investment Strategy Institute operates under a continuously updated technology and operational infrastructure.

At the Institute, you will find:

  • Twenty computers equipped with traditional software applications as well as custom software by BridgeStation, an industry leader in trading room technology. Through this software, students have access to real-time data on worldwide stock, bond, futures, options and currency markets.
  • Databases supplied by Bloomberg®, Reuters®, Morningstar®, WRDS®, Ibbotson®, Compustat®, CSI® and KLD®, each of which provides extensive historical data and current information to support investment research.
  • Video display technology that allows instructors to demonstrate applications and capture data while students observe and learn the processes.
  • A dedicated staff, including a full time professional manager to assist students in using the technology.
  • A tickertape display of stock prices listing real-time transactions.
  • Flat screen monitors that broadcast financial news reports throughout the day.
  • International time zone displays for London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.