Emerging Women's Leadership Program

Program Overview

Recent studies have indicated that women now comprise over 50 percent of the professional and technical workforce. Many of these women are college-educated professionals who are motivated to build a long, successful career. These women are striving to become the business leaders of the future. Organizations that maximize the potential of these women will have a competitive, sustainable advantage in the future. Successful organizations recognize that a diverse leadership team brings creative and innovative ideas to an increasingly competitive global marketplace. By developing women's leadership skills, organizations can capitalize on this untapped talent group to create the next generation of successful business leaders.

Learning Outcomes

The Emerging Women's Leadership Program will provide high-potential women with an opportunity to develop their business and leadership skills. Graduates of the program will leave with an individualized and distinct development experience that fosters the leadership capacity of each woman, thus enhancing her ability to create and sustain long-term growth within her organization.

Participants will receive a Duquesne University certificate from the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business.