SCM Partnership with ASCM

The academic partnership between the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management and the Association for Supply Chain Management offers the opportunity to attain APICS certifications.

Duquesne University will be offering and delivering the ASCM body of knowledge and certification exams for three areas:

    • Register by September 10, 2021 for upcoming CPIM classes.
  • These three areas have companion training programs that will be offered in-person, on-line or a hybrid model. Duquesne's course schedule has not been set yet, but separate announcements will follow on them. Courses will be bundled with a class and voucher to take the exam. Membership in ASCM is required to take the courses and exams.

ASCM offers Principles On Demand.  41 online self-paced educational courses:

Principles of Distribution & Logistics

(PDL02)  Intro to Distribution & Logistics
(PDL03)  Channel Network Design
(PDL04)  Inventory Mgmt.
(PDL05)  Distribution Requirements Planning
(PDL07)  Warehouse Mgmt.
(PDL08   Packaging & Materials Handling
(PDL09)  Transportation Mgmt.
(PDL10)  Transportation Operations

Principles of Manufacturing Management

(PMM02)  Intro to Manufacturing Mgmt.
(PMM03)  Manufacturing Product Structures
(PMM04)  Basics/Material Requirements Planning
(PMM05)  Managing with MRP
(PMM07)  Capacity Planning & Mgmt.
(PMM08)  Production Activity Control
(PMM09)  Advanced Scheduling
(PMM10)  Lean Production Mgmt.

Principles of Managing Operations

(PMO01)  Operation Mgmt. Foundations
(PMO02)  Processes & Operations
(PMO03)  Project Mgmt.
(PMO04)  Product Design & Development
(PMO05)  Process Design Strategies
(PMO07)  Total Quality Mgmt.
(PMO08)  Statistical Quality Control
(PMO09)  Process Improvement & Optimization

Principles of Inventory Management

(PIM02)  Fundamentals of Inventory Mgmt.
(PIM03)  Purpose & Function of Inventory
(PIM04)  Inventory Replenishment Mgmt.
(PIM05)  Inventory Replenishment Techniques & Inventory Performance
(PIM07)  Lean Inventory/Theory & Practice
(PIM08)  Fundamentals of Purchasing
(PIM09)  Sourcing Strategies
(PIM10)  Purchase Order Mgmt. & Performance Measurement

Principles of Operations Planning

(POP02)  Planning Foundations
(POP03)  Forecasting
(POP04)  Demand Mgmt.
(POP05)  Sales & Operations Planning
(POP07)  Aggregate Operations Planning
(POP08)  Master Scheduling Foundations
(POP09)  Master Scheduling Processes
(POP10)  Operations systems

For companies and businesses, ASCM training gives your employees the tools, trainings, and technology you need to optimize your end-to-end global supply chain and lead your business into the marketplace of tomorrow.

For individuals, those who report earning at least one APICS certification have a median salary of $90,000, which is 27% higher than those without a designation.  In addition, 21% of those with an APICS certification and an undergraduate supply chain degree received a promotion in the last year.

Respondents were asked to name essential leadership skills for successful supply chain professionals.  For the second year in a row, communication, collaboration and critical thinking grabbed the top spots.

In addition to instructor-led courses, Duquesne will also be offering ASCM's Learning Management System of Principles on Demand in five areas: Distribution and Logistics, Manufacturing Management, Managing Operations, Inventory Management, and Operations Planning. These courses can be purchased by companies for their employees for an annual fee allowing access to 41 courses. Each course takes approximately three hours to complete on a flexible, self-paced schedule. Students can take as many of the 41 courses they wish for one flat price.