Certification in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD)

Why should I earn the CLTD?

Earning the APICS CLTD demonstrates expertise in streamlining and optimizing logistics, transportation, and distribution including order management, distribution inventory management and warehouse management.

CLTD focuses on the mastery of the essential knowledge needed for the logistics, transportation, and distribution industry.  The CLTD designation expands candidates' outlook on the logistics field and enables them to bring new ideas to their organization.  APICS certified employees can increase their salaries by 21%.  APICS certified salaries are 18% higher than other certifications.

After earning your CLTD you will be able to:

  • Improve distribution inventory management
  • Develop and monitor warehouse performance metrics
  • Identify and mitigate risk in logistics and transportation
  • Manage and execute orders with an emphasis on logistics
  • Identify and maintain optimal inventory levels including costs, controls and policy

What will I study?

The CLTD Learning System content is divided into nine modules across two books.  The content is integrated with best practices in the day-to-day functions of logistics professionals that drive the improvement in distribution and transportation necessary to maximize an organization's efficiency and impact the bottom line.

  • Book 1
    • Module 1: Logistics Overview and Strategy
    • Module 2: Logistics Network Design
    • Module 3: Sustainability and Reverse Logistics
    • Module 4: Capacity Planning and Demand Management
  • Book 2
    • Module 5: Order Management
    • Module 6: Inventory Management 
    • Module 7: Warehouse Management
    • Module 8: Transportation
    • Module 9: Global Logistics Considerations

* Students must pass one exam to become certified.  The exam is made up of 150 multiple-choice questions within a 3.5 hour time limit.

The CLTD Learning System is a comprehensive program that combines print and online reading materials, online practice tests and interactive study tools to ensure that you are prepared for the CLTD Exam.  Choose from three flexible study options that fit your schedule and learning style: Self-Study, Instructor-led or Corporate/Group Learning.  Each option is based around the CLTD Learning System.

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