Jim Byrne profile headshot Jim Byrne
Former Director, Lennox
EIR for Strategic Planning and Executive Insights
Mark DeSantis profile headshot Mark DeSantis, Ph.D.
CEO, Bloomfield Robotics
EIR for Entrepreneurship
Mary Jo Dressel Profile picture Mary Jo Dressel
Former COO for HR, BNY Mellon
EIR in Marketing and Management
Sue Eppley profile photo Susan Eppley
Former Executive, Hewlett-Packard
EIR in Marketing and Management
Thomas Garbe Headshot Tom Garbe
Former SVP, Assistant Controller, PNC
EIR for Accounting and MBA Capstone
Bill Generett
VP for Community Engagement, Duquesne University
EIR for Community Engagement
John Gentner
Former VP, Institutional Investments, Fifth Third Securities
EIR in Marketing and Management

Michael Haid
President, The Haid Group
EIR in Management

Jon Kinol headshot Jon Kinol
Co-founder, Zenik Capital & Former Managing Director, Credit Suisse
EIR Supporting Student Managed Investment Funds
Bill Lyons profile photo Bill Lyons
Former EVP/CFO, Consol
EIR for Leadership and Accounting
Leslie Mansfield profile photo Leslie Mansfield
Former Director, Bombardier
EIR in Leadership and Innovation

Sharon Aulicino Martindale
Owner, Myallora Consulting and Former EVP/Chief Business Brand Development Officer, MARC USA
EIR in Marketing and Management

John R. McMurtry, MS Accountancy'85
Former Principal, Clifton Larson Allen LLP, Pittsburgh 
EIR in SBDC and Entrepreneurship
Leslie Mansfield profile photo Thomas Ruppel
Sr. Financial Services Advisor, GENPACT
EIR in Marketing and Management

David R. Warco, B'79
Former International Tax Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP
EIR in Accounting and Management

Stuart Zolot
Former Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, MARC USA Inc.
EIR in Marketing and Management