Tyler C. Montabon

Tyler Montabon

Tyler was born and raised in Pittsburgh, went to a local High School, and completed his undergraduate work at Robert Morris University. During his undergraduate work, he was able to secure an internship at Cigna Group insurance, where he learned multiple product lines in the Disability space (STD, LTD, FMLA). When nearing graduation, Tyler spent a good deal of time interviewing and going to Job fairs to explore his options. After that process was complete, he accepted a full-time role with Cigna in their Disability department.

Immediately following graduation, Tyler applied to graduate schools in the Pittsburgh area. After stepping back and reviewing his options, he accepted enrollment to Duquesne University while working full time at Cigna. Upon graduation from Duquesne, Tyler continued his career focus and set some long-term goals for himself. As of March 2017, he accepted a role in a different department at Cigna as a Supervisor in their Medical Health Insurance product line, where he currently resides.

Tyler believes that being awarded the James J. Byrne Award for Responsible Leadership represents more than simply academics; it is about being a well-rounded person who keeps the community in mind. Tyler spent some free time volunteering with his wife at various organizations supporting causes including help for the homeless, animal shelter support and overseas humanitarian aid. One other aspect that he believes has helped incredibly are the items outside of coursework. Being professional at all times, being open-minded to change, having a positive outlook and treating others how you want to be treated are four aspects of leadership that are not taught from books. However, each of these areas define what it means to be well-rounded and have a positive impact the greater organization and the community.

Throughout his journey, Tyler made each of his decisions from a thoughtful and long-term perspective. In undergraduate, he heard stories from older friends about being in dead-end jobs and having regrets for one reason or another. When evaluating his options for employment post education, Tyler spent a great deal of time evaluating not only whether he was a good fit for the company but also whether the company was a good fit for him. As a result, he is fortunate to say that he has been at the same company for the last seven years because the company is a great fit for him. The longevity Tyler has shown in his role has factored into his progression up the corporate ladder to his current supervisory role.