Zachary T. Susko

Zachary Susko is the Director of Business Development and Sales for Comtech Industries, a Canonsburg-based oil and gas solutions provider focused on innovation in the water and waste segment of the industry. Zachary is honored to serve in an industry that has led a regional and national revitalization, and he believes strongly in American energy independence.  In his current role, Zachary leads business growth across several fronts. His current focus lies in the development of new client relationships, innovation of service offerings and solutions, vetting of new markets, and organizing strategic planning. Of all of this, Zachary is most energized by the opportunities that drive specialty business initiatives involving new technologies or ‘outside the box' solutions to the problems that plague the oil and gas industry. 

Born in Pennsylvania and having spent most of his life and career in the Greater Pittsburgh area, Zachary takes an immense amount of pride in the region. This was the main reason he wanted to join as a member of Leadership Pittsburgh's Leadership Development Initiative XXVI cohort, where he was nominated to the Steering Committee for his cohort's Community Impact Project. For this project, his cohort arranged a community day that provided opportunities for education and fun for the youth of the McKees Rocks community.

This passion was also the reason Zachary joined the Board of Directors of the Washington Area Humane Society. Since joining the board in 2017, he has served the organization in disparate roles on the board of directors, including secretary, vice-president, and most recently, president, an office that he has held since September of 2020. In this role, Zachary proudly supports the organization's staff and leadership as it advances its mission to provide shelter, safety, and food for orphaned and abused animals in Southwestern PA.

Zachary holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The Ohio State University and will graduate with honors from Duquesne University's Professional MBA program in August, 2021. He believes that the MBA experience at Duquesne will provide him with the platform necessary to create a greater impact on his industry, the region, and those in need within the communities of Southwestern PA. Zachary aspires to one day be in a position where he can support both business and the great non-profit institutions of the Southwest PA region through the devotion of time and resources, as Mr. James J. Byrne has so generously done.