Military & Veterans

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Duquesne University is proud to have veterans, active-duty personnel and members of the National Guard and Reserve among our students. A business degree, certificate, or executive education program provides an excellent transition from military to civilian life.

We have a strong track record of providing military-friendly, quality business education, and superior outcomes. We are committed to providing veteran and active duty students with support to enable them to pursue their education and advance their career.

Our goal is to help our veterans and military members like yourself achieve a first class business experience at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive education levels. We strive to deliver a curriculum and personalized support that is customized to the unique needs of veterans.

Contact Information:

Don Accamando, Director of the Office of Military & Veteran Students, 412-396-5366

Christopher Rouhier, Director of Graduate Admissions, 412.396.6244
Courtney Slack, Undergraduate Recruiting Manager, 412.396.1849
Christine Hughes, Program Manager for Career Advancement and Experiential Learning, 412.396.1968  

Veteran and Military Resources

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