5 Reasons to Get a Grad Degree


1. Advanced pay and career potential

Advanced pay and career potential: If you're looking to take your career to a higher level, an advanced degree in business can help boost your salary and your position. For example, Financial Times reports that salaries commanded by MBA graduates after three years back in the workplace have increased by the largest amount in a decade.

2. Make a positive impact on any organization

You'll gain the knowledge and expertise needed to become the go-to team member and leader who handles priority projects. You'll learn a specialized skill set that will distinguish you from your peers.

3. Sharpen your responsible leadership abilities

Your advanced business degree will expand your ethical leadership practices. You'll not only sharpen your responsible leadership abilities, but you will also learn to lead with integrity to transform your community, organization and society.

4. Think globally

You'll gain the tools needed to connect with individuals and organizations across boundaries. You will enhance your ability to understand other people's perspectives and acquire the knowledge needed to view business from an international perspective.

5. Adapt to ever-changing market conditions

Market conditions change daily. Your graduate business degree prepares you to make those tough decisions that ultimately impact your organization's bottom line. You'll be well equipped to handle change, and know how to successfully move forward in today's business market.

Duquesne's graduate business programs can help get you there! The nationally ranked Palumbo Donahue School of Business offers two MBA programs, three specialized master's degrees, two online master's programs and a master's certificate program.