Five Ways to Fit a Grad Business Degree Into Your Busy Schedule


1. Look for programs tailored to working professionals

Working professionals are busy, constantly juggling between work and personal commitments. Finding a university that understands this and meets you on your terms makes going back to school easier than ever.

2. Choose a university that has flexible start dates and class schedules

Customizable class schedules and multiple program start dates make fitting your graduate degree into your busy life possible.

3. Choose a university with online program options.

Earn your degree anytime and anywhere with 100 percent online program options. (Imagine finishing your coursework for the week from the comfort of your couch on a Sunday night!)

4. Choose a university with specialized graduate programs to meet your needs

Knowing what aspect of business you want to study, and finding the right program for you, will help make returning to school more fulfilling.

5. Find a program that offers a GMAT/GRE waiver

Preparing for the GMAT or GRE takes more of your most precious resource...time! Research accredited universities that offer GMAT/GRE waivers to save time, effort and money.

Duquesne's graduate business programs make it possible for you to return to school with flexible options that work with your schedule. The nationally ranked Palumbo Donahue School of Business offers online programs, evening classes and flexible start dates designed with working professionals in mind. Choose between seven advanced degrees and a certificate program