Jacob Betzner large photo

Jacob Betzner
Professional MBA


What is something people may not know about you?

One of my majors in undergrad was journalism. I even won a trip to Japan through the Scripps-Howard Foundation in 2013 with other student journalists after submitting an application and some articles I wrote about Taiwan for an international journalism class.

Why'd you choose the Professional MBA program?

I chose the Professional MBA program at the John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business to expand my knowledge and skill set and establish relationships with my fellow MBA students. I think is important to be versatile and know an MBA from Duquesne University will open many doors for me.

What do you enjoy, other than earning your MBA?

I closely follow the Pittsburgh Penguins. I grew up a big fan, even during the "X-Generation," the "pre-Crosby" era for newer fans, or "the dark ages" for anyone else who was a fan in the early 2000s. Watching Jaromir Jagr in the mid-90s inspired me lace up the skates, and I played through college and currently help coach a team in Canonsburg, PA.