Business Analytics Fundamentals Micro-credential

Reach bigger goals in data analytics

The Business Analytics Fundamentals Micro-credential provides students with a foundational core understanding of core business analytics areas. You'll learn in-demand business skills while maintaining transfer pathways for graduate school.

Designed for working professionals

  • Complete the program 100% online (you may choose to complete some classes on-campus)
  • 9-credit non-degree micro-credential
  • Completed in just two semesters
  • Pathways to admission in multiple graduate degrees
  • Flat tuiton structure with no fees; pay for the entire program by semester

Why pursue a micro-credential?

Lifelong learning is increasingly available to students and, often, expected by potential employers. A micro-credential shows employers that you're willing to invest time and resources in your professional development - even if you're not ready to complete a full graduate degree.

At the same time, Duquesne micro-credential students benefit from the accessibility, small class sizes, and faculty expertise that are hallmarks of the AACSB-accredited Palumbo-Donahue School of Business. You'll study alongside full-time graduate students in graduate courses while following a curriculum that meets your needs.

Successfully completing the Business Analytics Fundamentals micro-credential leads to 4.5 credits of advanced standing credit toward the Professional MBA, 6 credits of advanced standing credit toward the MS - Analytics & Information Management and MC - Analytics & Information Management, or 7.5 credits of advanced standing toward the STEM-designated Professional MBA

Students who earn a 3.25 GPA or better in the micro-credential will qualify for GMAT/GRE waivers when applying for a graduate degree.