Course Descriptions

STAT 501-Statistics Fundamentals: 1.5 credits (1.5 cr.)

Foundation in probability and statistics necessary for students looking to go on to study the application of statistics to business. In this course, students will learn the rules of probability, how to identify and use common probability distributions, and how to conduct basic hypothesis tests.

GRBU 503-Managerial Decision Tools: 1.5 credits (1.5 cr.)

Introduces students to a set of tools that can be applied to scenarios in a variety of business environments. Specifically, this set of tools will include optimization methods, Monte Carlo simulation, multi-criteria decision analysis, and decision trees. PR or CONCURRENT: STAT 501

ISYS 610-Analytics and Information Management (3 cr.)

Statistical and technical understanding are essential for the AIM professional. This course focuses on creating a solid foundation of technical skills, which will be applied in downstream courses. Topics will include programming concepts and logic, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive statistics, and data storage techniques.

ISYS 612-Data Querying (3 cr.)

Modern organizations use database management systems to store their critical business data. In this course, students learn to answer business questions using various data retrieval, manipulation and transformation tools.  For instance, data retrieval for most data-driven business applications relies on Structured Query Language (SQL) - the international standard language for data manipulation and retrieval.  To source the data required by analytics projects, students will learn to utilize SQL along with other data-related concepts and languages. Prerequisites: None

Recommended Course Sequence

Fall Start

Fall (9 cr.)

STAT-501 (1.5 cr.)
GRBU-503 (1.5 cr.)
ISYS-610 (3 cr.)
ISYS-612 (3 cr.)

Fall (6 cr.) Spring (3 cr.)
ISYS-610 (3 cr.) STAT-501 (1.5 cr.)
ISYS-612 (3 cr.) GRBU-503 (1.5 cr.)