Course Descriptions

MGMT 605-Behavior in Organizations: 3 credits
You will gain a deep understanding of human behavior in organizations and how to maximize organizational and unit performance by effective management of human capital. Examples of topics covered include perception, attitudes, power, influence, motivation, group dynamics, managing teams, diversity, managing conflict, negotiation and culture.

ACCT 501-Accounting Fundamentals: 1.5 credits
An introduction to fundamentals of accounting for corporations-Topics covered will include the accounting cycle, an introduction to the basic financial statements of a corporation and determinations of corporate profitability and solvency.

ECON 501-Economics Fundamentals: 1.5 credits
Covers introductory topics in both microeconomics and macroeconomics.

FINC 501-Finance Fundamentals: 1.5 credits
Topics covered include Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis, Financial Statement Forecasting, and Time Value of Money. 

BLAW 529-Business Legal Environment: 1.5 credits
Designed to develop the legal literacy of graduate business students by raising their conscious awareness of potential legal problems or challenges as they discharge their professional responsibilities. We will bring a legal sensitivity to the financial, managerial, organizational and strategic dimensions of business, and students will come to understand how law affects all aspects of business.

Recommended Course Sequence

Fall Start

Fall (4.5 cr.)Spring (4.5 cr.)
ACCT 501 (1.5 cr.) FINC 501 (1.5 cr.)
ECON 501 (1.5 cr.) MGMT 605 (3 cr.)
BLAW 529 (1.5 cr.)

Spring Start

Spring (4.5 cr.)Summer (4.5 cr.)
BLAW 529 (1.5 cr.) ACCT 501 (1.5 cr.)
MGMT 605 (3 cr.) ECON 501 (1.5 cr.)
FINC 501 (1.5 cr.)

Advanced Standing and Graduate Admission

Students who successfully complete the Business Essentials micro-credential with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better will be considered for admission into graduate programs.

The micro-credential is 9 credit hours. Successful completion of the program will qualify students for 7.5 credit hours of advanced standing in the Professional MBA program and/or 6 credit hours of advanced standing in the MS in Management program. Students must apply and enroll within five years of successfully completing the micro-credential in order to earn advanced standing credit.