MA in Communication Joint Degree

Program Features

The Palumbo-Donahue School of Business MBA/MA in Communication prepares you with the managerial acumen to become an effective communicator in the workplace. Administered with the Graduate School of Liberal Arts, you will uniquely position yourself for a leadership career. 

A combined 72 credits for these two degrees (30 credits for the MA in Communication and 42 credits for the MBA) is reduced to 60 credits through credit-sharing.

How to Apply

Students may begin their study in either the School of Business or the Graduate School of Liberal Arts. However, students must apply and be accepted to both programs of study. The GMAT or GRE is required for application to the School of Business (unless waived).

→ Professional MBA Admissions

→ Graduate School of Liberal Arts Admissions

Tuition Information

Student will pay the tuition rate of whichever program they were accepted into first.

Curricula Details

MA in Communication
Course Credits
Professional Communication 3
Persuasion in the Marketplace 3
Organizational & Leadership Communication 3
Communication Research Methods 3
Communication Ethics & Professional Civility 3
Required Electives - 6 credits fulfilled through MBA Courses 15

MBA - Master of Business Administration
Course Credits
*Accounting Fundamentals 1.5
*Economics Fundamentals 1.5
*Finance Fundamentals 1.5
*Statistics Fundamentals 1.5
Applied Statistics 3
Managerial Decision Tools 1.5
Managing People for Sustained Competitive Advantage 1.5
Accounting for Decision Makers 3
Managerial Economics 3
Managing Information 1.5
Supply Chain/Operations Management 1.5
Financial Management  3
Business Legal Environment 1.5
Applied Business Ethics 1.5
Marketing Management 3
Strategic Sustainability and Models 1.5
Global Business 1.5
Executive Insights 3
Strategy and Implementation 3
Capstone Project 3

*These courses may be waived based on previous coursework.