MS in Management Joint Degree


A combined 72 credits for these two degrees (30 credits for the M.S. in Management and 42 credits for the MBA) is reduced to 55.5 credits through credit-sharing.

How to Apply

Students must apply and be accepted to both programs of study.

  • Students may begin their studies in either program. 
  • Students who successfully complete all requirements will receive two degrees and two diplomas. The degrees must be conferred simultaneously. 

→ Professional MBA Admissions

→ MS in Management Admissions

Tuition Information

While the student is enrolled in both the MS in Management and the MBA programs, the Professional MBA tuition rate will apply for all terms except any term during which a student is enrolled exclusively in MSM courses. During those terms, the MSM tuition rate will apply.

Curricula Details

Students will earn credits toward the MS in Management for MGMT-619 Budgeting and Finance for Managers (3 credits), MGMT-620 Business Strategy (3 credits), MGMT-625 Project Management (3 credits), and MGMT-608 The Executive Environment (3 credits) by taking FINC-530 Financial Management (3 credits) MGMT-540 Strategy and Implementation (3 credits), MGMT-548 Capstone Project (3 credits), and MGMT-545 Executive Insights (3 credits), respectively.

Students will earn credits toward the MBA for BLAW-529 Business Legal Environment (1.5 credits), MGMT-513 Managing People (1.5 credits) and MGMT-523 Applied Business Ethics (1.5 credits) by taking MGMT-604 The Legal Environment (3 credits), MGMT-605 Behavior in Organizations (3 credits) and MGMT-600 Ethics and Stakeholder Management (3 credits), respectively.

Based on prior coursework, students may also be eligible for advanced standing credits for ACCT-501 Accounting Fundamentals, ECON-501 Economics Fundamentals, FINC-501 Finance Fundamentals, and STAT-501 Statistics Fundamentals, each 1.5 credits for a maximum total of 6 credits. 

MS in Management
Course Credits
Ethics and Stakeholder Management 3
The Entrepreneurial Manager 3
The Legal Environment 3
Behavior in Organizations  3
Human Resource Management 3
Negotiation 3

MBA - Master of Business Administration
Course Credits
*Accounting Fundamentals 1.5
*Economics Fundamentals 1.5
*Finance Fundamentals 1.5
*Statistics Fundamentals 1.5
Applied Statistics 3
Managerial Decision Tools 1.5
Accounting for Decision Makers 3
Managerial Economics 3
Managing Information 1.5
Supply Chain/Operations Management 1.5
Financial Management  3
Marketing Management 3
Strategic Sustainability and Models 1.5
Global Business 1.5
Executive Insights 3
Strategy and Implementation 3
Capstone Project 3

*These courses may be awarded as advanced standing credit based on previous coursework.