Erika Huyett, 2011, is the Corporate Manager of Sustainability for SKF USA Inc., a global leader in technology development.  She reduces environmental impact by promoting compliance and implementing best practices at over 30 facilities across North America.

"We do a lot of work with management systems," says Erika.  "I worked with a team of auditors from China, Germany, and Sweden on the SKF auditing system.  Like we did in our MBA projects, "we were benchmarking systems to figure out how to improve our own."  

While earning her MBA, Erika developed an energy management program for FedEx Ground and a strategic plan for commercial composting.  Although she described her 12-month MBA as "the hardest but most rewarding year of my life," she quickly added, "I was able to grow in so many different ways both as a professional and as a person."   

Erika's background includes four years as an environmental scientist with a consulting firm.  She holds a B.S. in environmental science from Juniata College and an M.S. in environmental pollution control from the Pennsylvania State University.

I know how to bring the message to different stakeholders.