Chelsea Kolish, 2013

Hometown: Freeport, PA

Current Residence: Richmond, VA

Previous Education
: Duquesne University, B.S.B.A. in Information Systems Mgmt

Employment Experience Before Duquesne: Gateway Health Plan, Federated Investors, and PNC Bank

Employment During and After Duquesne: PNC Bank

Current Position: Account Manager for Jopari Solutions

I studied at Duquesne for my undergraduate degree, and I had a great experience. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and gently push you to your limit. Duquesne is also a very well respected University that opens a lot of doors for the future. For me, Duquesne has always had a feeling of "home." Everyone on campus is very friendly and welcoming, and the professors are always there to help. The smaller campus and class sizes allow you to feel very connected to the University.

Quite a few of our classes focused on business practices and trends on a global scale. We also worked on many case studies that discussed global organizations and how they are able to successfully operate on a large scale. During my final semester, I took Entrepreneurship. We were assigned a project that required us to formulate our own business idea and create a business plan and pitch. It required quite a bit of market research and financial analysis, but I enjoyed having the opportunity to think creatively and learn more about the industry and product I chose.

Many of the classes at Duquesne teach that good ethics = better profits. We completed numerous studies and analyses to prove the rule. I now pay much more attention to the types of ethical and social practices that businesses employ, and it helps serve as a compass to guide me down the right path.

Obtaining an MBA degree while working full-time is probably one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I have come out of that experience with much more confidence and time management skills that I ever expected. Now, looking at any hurdles the future may present don't seem as daunting.

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