Marissa Sciulli, 2012

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Previous Education: Duquesne University, B.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications, Broadcast Journalism

Employment Experience Before Duquesne: American Eagle Outfitters, JRMC Diagnostic Services

Current Position
: Giant Eagle, Recruiter - Skilled & Specialty Retail in the Columbus, OH market

I enrolled in the MBA program because I had such a positive experience as an undergrad at Duquesne.  I was looking for deeper knowledge in business, as my undergraduate degree was in Liberal Arts and because I began my career in marketing and business development. 

I really enjoyed the real-world perspective.  Whether we were reading real case studies or having a class discussion where students shared perspectives of their company, I felt that we didn't just talk about principles and "textbook" topics but related them to the current state of the business environment.  I also enjoyed the industry leaders that were guest speakers in many of my classes.  This taught us about the current state of many industries and business sectors and the principles of strong leadership.

The program taught me the ethical component that is so necessary for long-term success.  Coupled with my experience with a company that consistently "does the right thing," my values matched up with Duquesne's.  I also feel that my analytical skills have developed immensely which helps me in my current role and is imperative for strong decision-makers.

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