Neil R. Freedline, 2011

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa

Previous Education: Clarion University, B.S. in Business Administration

Employment Experience Before Duquesne: Pepsi Beverages Co.

Employment During and After Duquesne: Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc.

Current Position: Ryan Homes, Sales and Marketing Representative

What brought me to Duquesne was the reputation for its acclaimed business school and its Catholic foundation. The combination of adjunct and tenured professors offers a variety of insights, experiences and viewpoints. In every class, regardless of the subject matter, each focused not only on issues/topics from a local or everyday level, but on a "big picture" point of view as well.

Different than with many undergraduate degrees, the MBA program provided me with a knowledge base that will directly have an impact on my career growth.  I use what I have learned each day. Maybe not consciously, but the ideals and goals that have been ingrained in me I like to think are ever-present. I have more "tools in my belt" and a stronger pedigree for how I approach every business venture or opportunity.

I have enjoyed making lifelong connections with a number of students/professors/religious educators at Duquesne.  I am always meeting new people and realizing that we share a common bond in Duquesne University! If you are considering strengthening and advancing your career through an MBA at Duquesne, approach it when you are able to fully embrace it and can enjoy the experience. Although it is a lot of hard work, the journey is an enjoyable one. 

Extracurricular Activities
  • Host, Duquesne Student Radio (WDSR)
  • Creator and organizer of two successful fundraising events: The Pittsburgh SneakerSwap and the Pittsburgh Sneaker and Streetwear Showcase, benefiting the Pittsburgh Food Bank and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Assistant Coach: Tri-Ward City League Youth Baseball

  • Class: Executive Insights into Global Issues
  • Pittsburgh places/activities: Trying new breakfast diners, bike riding on the Heritage Trail, walking on Carson Street and seeing the sights

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