Paul Caswell, 2012

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Previous Education: Westminster College, B.A., Organizational Behavior

Employment Experience Before Duquesne: Avnet Technology Solutions, HP,, Altiris, Inc., BMC Software, Four Rivers Software, Inc.

Current Position
: Regional Sales Manager at HP Vertica

Notable Achievements: 2013 Winner of the James J. Byrne Award for Responsible Leadership, Donahue Graduate School of Business

I looked at several MBA programs before deciding to attend Duquesne. There were several aspects about this program that helped to make my decision. First and foremost to me was the AACSB accreditation of the program and the recognition that came with having a Duquesne MBA. The part-time evening format fit my schedule and the curriculum of both core and elective classes provided the key elements I was looking for in an MBA program that would further advance my professional career and future personal goals. The leadership training offered in the Duquesne MBA program was also a big part of my decision criteria.

The diversity of the students was my favorite part. The perspectives gained in class during conversations on various topics were fascinating. The age range of students coupled with individuals from different countries, industries, and levels of experience kept the conversations relevant and interesting every evening. In addition, the relatively small class sizes made it easy for students to participate in every session.

The professors are excellent. They take the time to really explain the material in ways that make sense in the real world. Many of them have risen to the top of their specific areas of specialty and have years of experience to share in the classroom. The individual attention showed their level of commitment to the program and the success of every student. The mix of full-time professors with the adjunct faculty provided different perspectives in each class that helped provide a well-rounded experience.

I use my degree and the knowledge I gained in the program every day. My interaction with clients in different industries has improved tremendously as well as my understanding of their business needs. I have sharpened my leadership skills and advanced my career since completing my MBA. I have even considered returning to Duquesne in the near future for an additional degree or advanced program.

I would recommend the Donahue MBA program to anyone who is thinking about advancing their career and gaining greater knowledge into the business community both domestically and globally. It will be one of the most rewarding accomplishments in your career and in your life. There is a long tradition of the Duquesne MBA program. A great sense of pride comes with knowing you are part of a group of professionals that completed this program and have gone on to achieve greatness. 

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