Our curriculum advances your career.

Our experiential curriculum will prepare you to become a forward-thinking leader who can create value and drive growth for your company through innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. 

You will develop expertise in all aspects of management and an understanding of how disciplines are interrelated. Core courses build upon a broad foundation of business and industry knowledge while the strategy and capstone courses sharpen strategic skills and critical-thinking abilities.

36-42 Credits:

If you graduated within the past five years and had prior undergraduate coursework in accounting, economics, finance and statistics,* you may be able to complete your MBA in just 36 credits.
* (Must have "B" grades in all relevant courses)

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in calendar year: Eligible for fundamental course waivers (semester program start)
2011 or later Spring 2017, Summer 2017
2012 or later Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018
2013 or later Fall 2018, Spring 2019, or Summer 2019

If you have no prior coursework in accounting, finance, economics or statistics, you will complete up to 6 credits (4 courses) of fundamental course work in these subject to ensure that you have the necessary skills to be competitive. Below are the courses that all Professional MBA students complete.

Professional MBA Courses
Credit Hours
Applied Statistics 3.0
Managing for Sustained Competitive Advantage 1.5
Managerial Decision Tools 1.5
Accounting for Decision Makers 3.0
Managerial Economics 3.0
Applied Business Ethics 1.5
Managing Information 1.5
Supply Chain/Operations Management 1.5
Business Legal Environment 1.5
Financial Management 3.0
Strategic Sustainability and Models 1.5
Global Business 1.5
Marketing Management 3.0
Strategy and Implementation 3.0
Executive Insights 3.0
Capstone Project 3.0
36 Credits

Curriculum Guide

Courses will be offered in both online and on-campus formats. If you are interested in completing the majority of classes online, you are encouraged to start the program in the summer fall semester due to course availability. The Capstone Project is a live project course only offered on campus. Please contact Jeff Jewett if you have questions about taking the majority of classes online.

Our changes reflect the global marketplace and interdisciplinary skills necessary to have a transformative impact in today's business environment. The redesigned curriculum focuses on all of the pertinent areas of business study. The 36-credit track includes:

  • Responsible leadership
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Sustainability principles
  • Cultural intelligence