School of Law and Palumbo-Donahue School of Business


A combined 256 credits for these two degrees, 214 credits for the PharmD and 42 credits for the MBA, is reduced to 245.5 minimum credits through credit-sharing. Total time to complete both degrees versus just the PharmD is extended by one semester.

Policies and Procedures

  • Students must apply and be accepted to both programs of study. The GMAT or GRE is required for application to the School of Business (unless waived).
  • Students may begin their study in the School of Pharmacy.
  • Students who successfully complete all requirements will receive two degrees and two diplomas. The PharmD degree must be conferred prior to or simultaneously with the MBA degree.
  • Courses from one program that are counted toward the other program will be applied to the student's transcript as advanced standing credits.
  • School of Pharmacy will ensure Pittsburgh-area Pharmacy rotations to enable students to take on-campus MBA courses.