Supply Chain Management Certificate (STEM MBA Option)

Required coursework can be completed in as few as 10.5 additional credits:

Make a difference in your organization with a STEM MBA. By completing the Professional MBA with a Certificate in Supply Chain Management, you'll demonstrate your technical skills to employers and earn an in-demand credential.

SCMG-610 Intro to Supply Chain Management (3 cr.)
Substitutes for SCMG-527 Supply Chain/Operations Management (1.5 cr.) in the MBA curriculum

SCMG-612 Intro to SCM Information Systems (3 cr.)
Substitutes for ISYS-525 Managing Information (1.5 cr.) in the MBA curriculum

SCMG-614 Business Analytics for Decision Making (3 cr.)
Substitutes for GRBU-503 Managerial Decision Tools (1.5 cr.) in the MBA curriculum

Two of the following courses: (6 cr.)

  • SCMG-616 Supply Chain Process Improvement
  • SCMG-620 Forecasting and Demand Management
  • SCMG-622 Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain
  • SCMG-624 Supply Management
  • SCMG-626 Global Fulfillment Transportation & Distribution

The certificate may be completed with hybrid classes or 100% online.

Already completed the associated MBA courses? You can still pursue the Certificate in Supply Chain Management for a total of 15 credits.

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