2020-21 DNVC Winners

Duquesne New Venture Challenge 2020-21 Winners

The Duquesne New Venture Challenge (DNVC), an entrepreneurship challenge open to the Pittsburgh community and beyond, awarded cash prizes totaling $30,000 to the top five finalists, with a $12,500 prize awarded to the winner-Kunal Gandhi, cofounder and CEO of SimpL. 

1st Place ($12,500): SimpL-a computer vision and machine learning based software that analyzes biomechanics to give users real-time feedback about how they perform exercises-won the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business' 2020-2021 Duquesne New Venture Challenge (DNVC).

SimpL logo
SimpL Team members

2nd Place ($7,500): MindTrace- technology that pairs 3D brain maps with measures of a neurosurgery patient's behavioral performance, simulating surgical resection plans and predicting cognitive outcomes.

MindTrace logo
The MindTrace team members

3rd Place ($5,000): Precision Neuroscopics-novel medical products designed to improve the quality, efficacy and diagnostic capabilities of electroencephalography (EEG) devices

The Precision Neuro Team Members

4th Place ($2,500): CoinRead-a two-sided platform that provides readers with per article content access while allowing publishers to sell content without a recurring subscription.

CoinRead logo
CoinRead Team members

5th Place ($2,500): StudioMe-a "remote studio" platform designed to help customers virtually conduct professional live-streaming, content recording or video conferencing.

StudioMe team members