You know accounting is more than numbers. It's the backbone of operations. You think critically, and your actions are critical to success. You identify solutions, not problems. You value leadership, and relish learning from business leaders. You enjoy variety, and appreciate the multiple career paths and employers available to you.

Accounting Professor Valerie Trott Williams with students

The practice of accounting is among the greatest operational assets of business. Accounting isn't just about money; it also involves data analysis, strategic thinking and forecasting. Today's accounting major learns that ethical practice is integral to a company's reputation management. Whether it's in big business or small business, non-profit or government, accounting is a core operation, and well-trained students are sought after.

Students majoring in accounting at the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business aren't looking for any accounting program; they want the best. You will learn more than just the technical aspects of accounting. You will become a better critical thinker, communicator and problem solver.

The accounting lab is loaded with tools to enhance your success both as a student and as a professional. With access to a library of the latest versions of accounting software, you will become proficient with accounting tools and increase your marketability.

BSBA to MAcc
Earn two degrees in 5 years!

You will earn two degrees, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and a Master of Accountacy (MAcc), in five years. Plus, you will have a paid Co-op experience and only pay tuition for 4 ½ years.