For you, it's about balance - getting the right products or services to the people who can use them to help others and benefit society. It's not promoting sales, it's providing solutions. Your duty to your employer and your community compels you to find answers that are mutually beneficial. People respect you because of your integrity, and your track record for honest, transparent communication inspires trust and faith.

Students on campus

Part science, part art, marketing focuses on assessing how a product or service can best meet the needs of a targeted audience. The discipline begins with research to identify the needs of the marketplace, which affects product development, distribution channels and pricing structures. Marketing continues with communication as a means of educating buyers about product features and benefits. The last phase in the marketing process is evaluation, the results of which are the basis for launching the process again. Marketing is an essential discipline in every business and organization.

In marketing, you will gain a competitive edge by combining classroom learning with real-world applications. You will gain a thorough exposure to marketing theory and then put those theories and practices to the test through research projects.

Our School's location is in the midst of thriving businesses, cultural and health care districts, and will provide you with a myriad of opportunities to enhance your skills through internships. You are also are encouraged to join the Duquesne chapter of the American Marketing Association, which collaborates with the Pittsburgh professional chapter on networking events, career forums and workshops.

Our program, because of its physical location, also has access to successful marketing practitioners who serve as adjunct faculty members. Coupled with the program's renowned full-time faculty, the academic rigor of the marketing major prepares students for a demanding career.