Sports Marketing

The marketplace is your playing field. To you, numbers on a spreadsheet are just as important as those on a scoreboard. You combine your love of sports with your keen ability to develop sound marketing strategies and innovative business solutions. Blending ethical decision making with forward thinking, your commitment to excellence in performance is how you help an organization stay ahead of the competition.

Students walking on campus

Sports Marketing is the business side of sports. It encompasses planning, implementing and controlling marketing activities as they relate to athletic teams, venues and related products and services. It also includes the marketing of non-athletic products through an association with sports. Sports marketing has a role in a range of industries including sporting good manufacturers, sporting goods retailers, tourism, broadcast media and even facility construction, so sports marketing professionals need a healthy understanding and appreciation of both athletics and business.

With a strong sports history and some of the best present-day teams, Pittsburgh is the ideal location in which to earn a degree in sports marketing. The Palumbo-Donahue School of Business prepares you to analyze and address today's sporting trends and implement successful business practices in response to those findings. Sports Marketing majors have the opportunity to either begin a career in this exciting field immediately upon graduation or choose to pursue a Masters in the Sports Business program.

The major provides a working understanding of the role of marketing in sports and sports-related organizations and will help you develop skills in applying fundamental marketing concepts. They are introduced to strategic marketing concepts, value-added marketing and promotional strategies while developing strong communication and analytical skills, which will enhance employment opportunities.

Sports marketing majors at Duquesne are encouraged to pursue internships which range from local to across the U.S. and to join the university's chapter of the Sports Marketing Association to help promote personal and professional growth. An advisory board of local sports executives is available to students for discussion about curriculum development, assessment and employment.