SCM-Health Care Track From A Higher Perspective

You know that the best business solutions are often the outcome of choosing what’s best for others. Your view of the health care supply chain is holistic-because the wellness of a company is inseparable from that of its patients. In the spirit of service to others, you continuously look for ways to improve the effective and efficient flow of health care products, processes and services. Always looking forward, your contributions help organizations stay ahead.

The supply chain management (SCM)-health care track involves completing the SCM degree plus three additional courses focused focuses on continual improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care supply chain. Effective SCM in health care impacts both cost and quality of care, whether in a small clinic or large medical center.

The SCM-health care track is a partnership between the A.J. Palumbo School of Business Administration and the Mylan School of Pharmacy and Rangos School of Health Sciences. It is the only program in western Pennsylvania that is administered by an internationally accredited school of business.

This specialized area of study introduces students to elements of the supply chain, including purchasing, operations and distribution, as they relate to the health care system. Also fundamental to the program is a thorough explanation of the American health care system, its terminology and the ever-changing information technology in the system.

The faculty and staff of Duquesne believe that some of the most critical learning is done outside of the classroom where students can stretch their skills. Pittsburgh is a hub for premier medical facilities where students can explore internship opportunities, which will strengthen their portfolios. On campus, SCM-health care track majors can participate in a number of professional supply chain management organizations that provide opportunities for networking and discussion.