Professional Development Program (PDP)

Career Fair

The Professional Development Program is a four-year program intended to enhance students' educational experience.  The PDP, which is required of business students, is designed to augment the theoretical knowledge obtained in the classroom by developing the skill sets that are critical for starting a business career upon graduation.

The PDP provides students with required and optional workshops and events throughout the academic year that are relevant to students' current class standing.

  • Freshman Year - students are introduced to career options within business and learn important "soft" skills critical to the internship and job search process.
  • Sophomore Year - students learn how to effectively put their "soft" skills into practice by engaging in interview and resume-building workshops.
  • Junior Year - students develop and practice networking skills by making connections with professionals and potential employers.
  • Senior Year - students learn how to effectively transition from student to employee and learn how to leverage the professional skills they developed during their academic careers.