Alexander O'Dell
Major: Economics
Graduation Date: May 2018 Hometown: Wexford, PA

Why did you choose Duquesne University?

I chose Duquesne University because I was looking for a well-accredited University that was small so that I can could form tight relationships with my professors and gain as much knowledge as I could. It is close to my home, so I was able to continue my Professional Motocross career while getting a quality education.

What drew you to your specific program?

What really drew me to Economics was the in-depth knowledge of "how" people work and the way that the world functions. It was a very challenging major and I was looking for a challenge when I chose it. I also felt that having a firm understanding of Economics would help me quickly understand succeeding majors like Finance, Supply Chain Management, Business Management and Sales. I have been able to successfully use my knowledge of Economics to tackle other areas of business.

What surprised you about Duquesne?

What surprised me the most about Duquesne was that even though it is a rather small, Private-Catholic University, students are able to get a full "college" experience given that the City of Pittsburgh provides a great place for adventure and to have fun.

What is the most important skill set that you are learning?

I would say the most important skillset that I am learning is literally the ability to learn itself. Also, to apply previous knowledge to current issues or material that I am studying. I have learned "how to think" by forcing myself into a challenging program. My perception of day-to-day life and reality is vastly different than it was 2 years ago before diving head first into the Economic material.

Do you feel that you are being prepared for your chosen career field?

I feel that I have an extreme competitive advantage over my peers graduating from other Universities. I firmly believe that small class sizes are a vital part to success because you are able to ask as many questions as you need to and get one-on-one help from professors who actually care about your well-being and success in the classroom, rather than just being another statistic or student filling up a seat in a lecture hall.